The Protagonist GUN-CRAZY

The new gun collecting action game from HOT N SPICY DIGITAL. Coming to Xbox One when it's done!

The Game

GUN-CRAZY is the upcoming action game from HOT N SPICY DIGITAL and it's all about collecting guns while dodging bullets left and right. An action packed retro style game, hitting your Xbox One console once it's done.


GUN-CRAZY will be the debut game of German independent game development micro-studio HOT N SPICY DIGITAL, founded in 2012 by the self-taught artist and game designer Alex Ziska on his 30th birthday. We are making games in the spirit of the 8 to 32-Bit eras and add our very own hot and spicy seasoning. We love 2D graphics. We love pixels. And we strongly believe that that it is the gameplay that matters. Our goal is to become a renowned brand for awesome 2D games. Because we don't have enough time at the moment to create a nice website with lots of informations, how about you email us in case you have any questions? Click here